The Christmas Tree — ALWAYS Looked Edible

accm_badgeA highlight was the first Saturday in December: decorating the Christmas tree with Mum and “Gramma Rabbit” (paternal), with strings of popcorn.

The fun part was sneaking the popcorn in your mouth when they weren’t looking, but Grams must’ve been psychic — she knew who was sneaking what every time, and she would look over her glasses and smile one of those tattletale smiles.

“You’ll end up with a tummy-ache if you eat any more of those.”  And then Mum would give her “look,” but it wasn’t a smile …

One year, we didn’t use popcorn, Mum wanted to string cranberries.  She wanted their red berry colour circling our tree — but the silly things  were hard .. and tasted yucky.  But after breaking a few of her good sewing needles and needing a couple of band-aids, Mum splurged for popcorn.

When we were little, most of our Christmas decorations were either paper (and made at school) or plastic, because Mum didn’t want her glass ornaments broken.  We had plastic candy canes and little red apples hanging from gold threads.  Then there were the homemade gingerbread snowman cookies, star cookies and the wounded reindeer cookies — yeah, wounded, because their antlers were always bitten off before Christmas morning.

And no, it wasn’t me!


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