Thriller Thursday – 114 Year Cold Case (Part I)

I apologize for the hour, Inspector, but your expertise is sought;

The Police have made no arrests, and the family is overwrought!

This case defies all logic we know; no piece fits the puzzle (we tried);

And the Coroner cannot confirm or deny just how this poor man died!

His name was William BRUNSKILL, found dead out by the water;

Someone perhaps had struck him and his life took sharp a falter.

All the facts I relay, Inspector, newspapers did first report;

But details and interpretation are subject to contort –

Or alter investigations and inquiries articulated;

And make this grisly madness:  a death premeditated?

No witnesses came forward with details of a fight;

Just an employee of the Power Corp who found him at early light …

Face-down in quiet waters of Penn Yan’s Keuka Lake;

Lying there in his own blood — a nasty mess did make.

From the enforcers of the law, their brief report did state;

With gawkers milling all about, the crime scene they did taint.

So, the coroner took the body and after examination;

Said the victim’s lungs had filled with water but further investigation,

Revealed a blunt-force trauma — right quadrant behind the ear;

The gash, indeed, was bad enough to kill him, the doctor did fear.

TO BE CONTINUED (Friday, December 9, 2011)


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