Thriller Thursday – 114 Year Cold Case (Part II)

The police were thinking suicide, but the coroner contradicted / “The wounds,” he said, “to this man’s head, could not be self-inflicted!”

The bloating and disfigurement, the coroner then estimated / Was not from mere hours — but days – he carefully calculated;

But all the blood and bruising – perhaps he fought? Or fell? / An accident? Or a murder? The doctor, not yet, could tell.

Two black oars, from a boathouse nearby were reported confiscated / And the chance this could be murder was quickly elevated

Then six feet under the water, they found a soft, white hat / About fifty feet south of where the water-soaked body was at

Officers pieced together, more bits of this man’s life / He’d been out for work for months and also estranged from his wife!

No signs were found that the body was moved, after he had died / But some villagers that were questioned, said the man was much despised!

Like Brunskill’s housekeeper, Mary STROPE, who on Sunday saw him last / “Looking for work,” she recalls, when out the door he passed.

Her statement, it  was shattered, though something seemed to be missing / As others had simply claimed that Brunskill just went fishin’.

And six witnesses remembered Brunskill quarreling with another / A Buffalo railway signalman – Mrs. Strope’s brother!

TO BE CONTINUED (Saturday, December 10, 2011)



reported confiscated = stolen

Next installment:  A bulldog puppy and water spaniel


NOTE: I apologize for the serial posts; but after reviewing the data (8 weeks of newspaper articles), there is just too much information that I cannot leave out.  I hope this still turns out to be an interesting, or at least, an enjoyable read though.


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