Thriller Thursday – 114 year cold case (Part III)

These witnesses also mentioned, Inspector, that Brunskill was not alone / A spaniel and a bulldog pup followed him from home.
He walked along breakwaters, recently built by the State / Both the dogs were with him wading through the shallow breaks
Later, he was seen alive, up the west side of the lake  / Trying to o’erturn a canoe (a fishing trip to take?)
By late Sunday, near John PURDY’s boathouse, the dogs were milling around / In the very neighbourhood where the decedent would later be found
Mr. Purdy shut the dogs in his boathouse, for their owners he planned to wait / But the owners never came, and the dogs slipped out the gate.
By Monday, the bulldog puppy across the Channel had swum / And exited near the ice house of J.C. SHANNON and Son
She went to George CLARK’s residence, where she is known by name / And refuses now to leave, as she had come home lame!
And it was six railway employees, in the evening’s early night/ That found the decedent’s body — not by the morning light
Then later Tuesday evening, the spaniel to Brunskill’s did go / (And nothing else has been reported of the animal, that I know.).
Dr. HAVENS formed a jury on Wednesday, of which this matter, to take / On the investigation and an indictment then to make.

TO BE CONTINUED (Sunday, December 11, 2011)
The Coroner’s Report


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