Thriller Thursday – 114 Year Cold Case (Part IV)

The Coroner’s (Dr. Havens) findings Dr. TUTHILL helped to list / And then he examined the body, to ensure nothing was missed.
Subject was Caucasian, male, and for hours he was reviewed / Mister DOE, though not identified, the findings did not conclude:
Face-down, he was found in water, for two days — maybe three! / So, determining this subject’s age will not come to be.
Partial loss of two fingers from right hand, quite some time ago / Result of occurred in distant past from cause as yet unknown.
Discolouration marks,  the left, fourth finger of his hand / The probability of: a stolen wedding band?
A deep scar sits o’er his left eye, but it is also aged / And his face is almost black from evident beatings prearranged!
Also, terribly hanging, his left eye does protrude / And a skull fracture to the right temple made by something blunt and crude.
His clothes, although not shabby, show wear however slight / (But any other details were not made forthright).
With the indications found, both doctors did concur / This dead man they knew as John Doe, indeed was a victim of murder!

TO BE CONTINUED (Tuesday, December 13, 2011)


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