Thriller Thursday – 114 Year Cold Case (Part V)

With the autopsy finished, HOPKINS Bros., the body did take / To prepare it for immediate burial was their intent to make
But a man met with Havens & Tuthill, to alleviate his fears / “William, he went missing,” he mumbled through his tears.
The undertakers waited, as the man was taken to / With others, to the body:  was he someone they knew?
Gathered ’round, they watched the sheet lift carefully; / Rage filled hearts, tears filled eyes — this man was family!
“Who did this to my brother?” the upset John BRUNSKILL said / But the doctors had one answer: they only proved the man was dead.
The next few weeks, the coroner’s jury heard witness testimony / And conflicts with the day in question, hindered the ceremony.
Many claimed, the victim went fishing, with a couple dogs in tow / He was looking for work, said others, and to Penn State he’d go
With valise in hand, they continued, and a dapper white felt hat / (The former was never located; and the latter, Tuthill found that!).
Those barking dogs, many complained, were out ’til very late / Some said, at least ’til seven; others, at least ’til eight.
And all but one recollected, the victim was in a fight — / An argument with Mr. Fred STROUP (sic) earlier during the night.

Next:  Fred Stroup – Person of Interest
TO BE CONTINUED (Wednesday, December 14, 2011)


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