Wednesday’s Child – Loves to Play Dress-Up

When little ones play dress up, play with them. Show off your Dad’s service medals, you won’t regret it.  Dress up in your mom’s jewellery, or your Gran’s wedding veil (or her Army boots, if they fit). Tie genealogy into it, tell the stories, but remember to take pictures!

When children are small, a strange urge to be grown up overpowers them:  little girls wear Mummy’s jewellery and turn high heels into adult-crippling weapons that the military never considered. (Thank goodness!  Note to Daddies, don’t chase your daughters at this stage- they are armed, dangerous and do not know how damaging these things that they are wearing really are; you’ll thank me later).
But, if your little girl “has nothing to wear,” her imagination quickly takes over and you suddenly see the stripes of a baby tiger playing at your / your wife’s makeup table! Roar!   Well, at least she isn’t eating the makeup.

Junior in Spring 1993

A little boy on the other hand, snoops thru Mum’s purse, finds nothing of interest but decides this handled container would be far more practical as a helmet, so he dumps the purse right there on the floor, puts it on and goes to show Queenie, (Auntie’s German shepherd) the latest fashion in protective equipment!

Not so long ago, I was preparing for a military parade for the anniversary of Vimy Ridge (WW1) when Junior snuck in (he was 2yrs old), took my UN blue beret, left his EMPTY bottle in its place and snuck out giggling. When I caught up to him, it was a Kodak moment. After adjusting the beret, so he could see, his face lit up the room.

Happy belated birthday, Kiddo (17DEC) and Happy 20th birthday, Junior! (21DEC)


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