Blacksheep Sunday – Witchcraft: 42 Years BEFORE Salem

John Carrington was from Wethersfield, Connecticut.  Born in 1602 England and hanged 6 March 1650 in Waterbury, CT, along with his second wife, Joanne.

42years before Salem started their trials!

John was one of two men charged with and hanged for Witchcraft —  all this crap because he married a witch!  (Stupid — sorry, not a very professional opinion; but, I am not referring to John’s marriage, just the kangaroo court proceedings, etc.  I am surprised that no one thought of a more sutle way of breaking up the marriage, when you don’t approve of your future in-laws — and very thankful modern society has not attempted such crazed accusations since!).

In order to find John, I had to go through ten generations of his descendants through son, John II (from first marriage), finding:

  • four (4) proven DAR Patriots,
  • the mentor of General George Armstrong Custer (General Alfred TERRY),
  • another Blacksheep (General Benedict Arnold)
  • a possible United Empire Loyalist , and
  • shared ancestry with four (4) former U.S. Presidents (*shudder* this one’s REALLY scary; it’s no wonder I can’t sleep at night)

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