We Have Lost Visual! Repeat, We Have Lost Visual … Where is the President?!?

There was Volunteer, Lancer, Eagle and General.  Scorecard, Deacon, Searchlight and Rawhide … sounds like Santa had a back-up squad of reindeer, doesn’t it?  Sorry; they were some of the nicknames used for U.S. Presidents (serving in Office) while under protection of the Secret Service.

While looking through census images yesterday (April 2nd, 2012 — the 1940 US Census was released to the general public), I got to wondering:  a serving President and his family would be found where in the Census? 

In this case, while the 1940 Census was being recorded, Franklin Delano ROOSEVELT was in his second term as President — and there was a war going on!  I would believe, FDR and The First Lady would be recorded at the White House — that is where they were residing, right?  No, wait, they were somewhere else for a while …

But, my question still stands unanswered.  So, to my American friends:  Where is your President?

signed your curious Canadian cousin, (who has to stop watching so many West Wing re-runs)

Leprechaun Rabbit

FYI:  VOLUNTEER (Lyndon Johnson), LANCER (John F. Kennedy), EAGLE (Bill Clinton) and GENERAL (Harry S. Truman).  SCORECARD (Dwight Eisenhower), DEACON (Jimmy Carter), SEARCHLIGHT (Richard Nixon) and RAWHIDE (Ronald Reagan)



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