Thankful Thursday – Reaching Out

Genealogy can be a lonely hobby — I know it is a time-consuming one, and can sometimes be very costly.
It is a very pleasant distraction compared to laundry, ironing (does anybody really do this anymore?), mowing/watering the lawn or shovelling snow.
It is so easy to become addicted to it quicker than video games.

If you are like me, with ancestors that travelled and settled all over North America, you will be thankful for Twitter, Facebook and lots of cousins!
It is the bestest thing when you can share what you have with cousins on the other side of the province/state, or across the country. Good news, bad news or just a hello. Sometimes sharing an old photograph can bridge the distance — or the years.

Am I the only one who remembers the first AT&T commercials on the telly in 1979? Their jingle was: “Reach out … reach out and touch someone”

My only advice in this modern day and age: If you reach out, make sure it’s to family, because total strangers will have you arrested! :S

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