Why, Oh Why, Oh Why Oh …

Did research lead me to … Ohio?

From the time he was five, my oldest son, Junior, and I traced his birth mother’s maternal ancestry. His grandmother helped until she got very ill (and died a year later). 

He lost interest then, but up to that point, it was an interesting journey: four generations born in a massive house, with most of the original furnishings — and still in the family’s possession! 
Five generations in the local cemetery, with inscriptions of the earliest ancestors migrating from the States; and, upon further digging links to five revolutionary soldiers, possibly six!

The fun part — insert sarcasm here — was finding the proofs linking children and wives to Patriot fathers/husbands. 

“Vernon, Ohio” was indicated, but since no one was a genealogist, or had an online genealogy subscription, it wasn’t questioned. Until now.

Enter Deborah: a twitter follower from Trumbull County, Ohio.  She confirmed that the Vernon burials were NOT in Ohio, but in Connecticut!

Following up on her lead proved very eventful.  A larger family with another three generations and more revolutionary service, including a U.S. Calvary officer who mentored and served with (General) George Armstrong CUSTER; and common lineages to three U.S. presidents.

I shared this with Junior, whose almost 21 now. Told him that this brickwall no longer exists.
His response: “Bricks?”
It didn’t help I woke him at six in the morning.

Lessons Learned
Review your research often.  Find a local living in the trouble area (Thanks, Deborah) and get their input/confirmation — they’ll set you straight!


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