Sentimental Sunday – The Old House

While scanning old photographs, I found a picture and I was flooded with sparks of memories.  No, not flashes, those are vivid and intense — these were definitely sparks, very brief and out of focus.

Looking at the smiles, I could name every person and guess their respective ages.  I recognized the “Old House;” it belonged to my maternal Uncle Bill & Aunt Leona, located in Niagara County, Ontario.

Every summer, before school started, Mum and her five siblings would plan their massive invasion — bringing their families and gathering at that house, where the adults would then split up and talk.

The men would be outside cooking BBQ’d meat and (allegedly) supervising the older children — referred to as “young delinquents,” while the women were setting up the picnic tables or inside preparing the rest of the meal,  and tending to the babies.

That left the rest of us to do something — like play football or baseball in the fallow field 50 feet from the house.

It would be after the meal was done that Mum brought out her Browning camera and started snapping pictures like this one:

Sorry thing, I cannot remember when, but there are two things that help pinpoint the time frame.

[1] The old house burned down and a new one was built .. I just don’t know when but Shelley, Darryl and Dale should remember 🙂

and [2] Mark’s t-shirt (FOGHAT USA) referred to a John Foggarty music tour that happened in 1981.

So, Cousins, who else is suffering from “some-timers”?


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