Society Saturday – Bringing in the Heavy Hitters

Well, friends, here it is mid-late September and I haven’t written since early July!  (A change in employers and adjusting to a new job has taken longer than I thought.)

Before I started this blog, I wrote about a brickwall on my first blog, Rock of Ages: Grave Concerns.  Madness Monday – Help Wanted (20DEC2011) and Wondering Wednesday – Lost: A Dead Body (Since 1970).

Lorne FARDING died November 25, 1970 in a small Canadian town called Wilkie, located in the province of Saskatchewan.  The local newspaper WILKIE PRESS (Unity, SK) allegedly published an obituary for him.  I state “allegedly” as the information I have is a transcript of the obituary with no date of publication.

The transcription gave Wilkie (Municipal) Cemetery for his place of burial.  I “googled” the cemetery and located a transcription project list, but Lorne was not on it.  Thinking he did not have a gravestone, I sent an e-mail to the Town Clerk, and a very polite young lady wrote back that she could not find any record of Lorne at all!  She asked for alternative spellings too, and still no luck.  She then suggested I write to the newspaper to verify the transcription, so I did.

I did receive one reply: that the office was closed over the 2011 Christmas holidays, the paper was changing its name (JAN2012) and that I should hear from someone in the New Year … but, that was nine months ago and I have written to them repetitively.  Perhaps they meant the NEXT New Year?  Very poor communication skills for a media outlet, I think.

It then came to me, perhaps my membership with the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society might be of some help?  I looked in their online databases, but had a very slow connection that kept timing out; so, I sent in a research request to see if they have [1] the actual obit and when it was published; and, [2] a transcription and/or photograph of his gravestone (if he has one).

Now, it’s the waiting game, again, but at least I know, I’ll get an answer! If they come up empty-handed, then I would guess my next step will be contacting the Saskatchewan government for a death certificate.


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