Thankful Thursday: After All These Weeks …

This Silver Level certificate states “for at least One Hundred and Fifty Years,” but it is closer to 179.  A Gold Level certificate is a minimum of 200 years.

  1. G1: John ATKINSON & Elizabeth HODGSON [both from England]
  2. G2: Thomas ATKINSON & Bethia KIDD [both from England]
  3. G3: Thomas ATKINSON II & Sarah Ann CAWARD/ COWARD [she; from England]
  4. G4: James Walker ATKINSON & Eva Clarke WILSON [she; from N.Ireland]
  5. G5: James Henry ATKINSON & Grace Ethel HEMINGWAY [her parents from England]
  6. G6: Mum & Dad [his father from England]
  7. G7: me!

John, Elizabeth and Thomas Sr came to Upper Canada (Ontario) in 1833. Another son, Robert and a married, pregnant daughter, Mary, her husband (the notorious Thomas BRUNSKILL I have written so much about) and their six children came along as well.

The only proof required was for the earliest generation. Agricultural census records and photographs of burials; including son, Robert’s (1833) six weeks after their arrival was submitted.

Now, more detailed work is being gathered: proofs for every generation (births and marriages) for a Upper Canada certificate, denoting ancestors were residing in Canada prior to 1840.


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