Friday Funny: Yep, Been There (A Few Times) …

… And it feels like I never left.  You probably can relate too.

You remember seeing a document in the last month — let’s say, your grandparents’ marriage certificate.  You know it is NOT scanned on your computer yet — yeah, yeah, it should be; it’s on your To Do List — but you physically saw it and had it in your hands.  Problem is: you don’t remember where you put it.

Add the following variables to the problem: #1 Son moved out, and you moved all your genealogy stuff into his old room.  I am talking EVERYTHING.  Your banker’s boxes are neatly stacked along one wall — blocking the window — they are labelled by location (England, USA, Canada, Australia, etc) and colour coded to represent your grandparents’ four surnames (paternal Gram, paternal Grandad, maternal Grams, maternal Grandad).  Sounds simple, right?

No. (Tearful laughter)

My maternal Grandad was an ATKINSON, anything related to that name is in light green folders contained in the boxes that are coloured with a green paper sign.  98.2% of these neatly-stacked boxes are green! Half a box holds documents and notes about England related events, a third of another box is for the United States, and the remaining twelve are about documents and notes from Canada.

Yes, (I think) it’s in one of those boxes … but my fear is: did I remember to put it back in the box after I finished looking at it?

Or is it on my cluttered desk — the only proof of a (some-what) organized mind

The search continues …


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