Thankful Thursday: Huggies


We all are indebted to so many.  They came from our families.

When my oldest son was small he asked me: How many of our relatives served in the War?

My answer: Which one?

He looked back confused, so I tried to explain, but still keep it simple for him:

  • Four served in “the Great War” — that’s what WWI was originally called.  Only three came back home.
  • At last count, 32 served in World War II; and only 18 came back. 
  • Post WWII, there has been 14, (so far) — These last two numbers also include relatives in the U.S. Armed Forces

So, 50 family members (if not more), served in uniform during conflict.  Thinking he would be satisfied with this answer, I returned to whatever job I was doing around the house.

A few minutes later, I was being attacked just above the knees, repeatedly.  Looking down, I asked if he was practicing his tackle and if I had forgotten about our practice session.

He shook his blond head and smiled. “Huggies,” he said, wrapping himself around my bad leg as he sat down on my foot. “One for you, and one for everybody else!”

Then he attacked me, again.

NOTE: He’s six-foot-two and almost 21yo now (NOV2012). “Huggies” is now “Huggles;” and thank goodness he doesn’t sit down on my foot anymore


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