Our Earliest ATKINSONs were Archers

The heraldry picture below is from a commissioned work I paid for back in 1987.  I gave him my researched family names (ATKINSON and HALLIWELL) and he did the rest.

He told me, two month later when I picked up the artwork, that there were three ATKINSON clans in England, two in Ireland and one in Scotland.  The oldest clan was ours; they came from Westmorland and they were archers by profession — hence the silver arrowheads in the shield and the gold one upon the helmet.

“Nil Sine Labore” is Latin meaning “Not Without Work”

The black-spotted white fields on the shield represent “ermine,” which is animal fur that covered the shield.

If you’re interested in a copy, let me know through Facebook and I’ll get a better shot of it.

Have fun, Cousins!


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