Talented Tuesday: Kids, Genealogy and Distracted Dad

I had been scanning old obituaries and photos, when my youngest son, Chef, came to me with something he was reading,

“Dad, how long ago did our earliest ancestors come to Canada?”

“1833,” I answer quickly.

“Oh,” he sounded confused. “How many years ago was that?”

Not in the mood for numbers, I shoot the question back at him. “You’re still in school, you do the math.”

Pulling out his cellphone, Chef starts tapping buttons. I watch him curiously.

“179?!?” he says shocked, “Wow, that’s enough for silver!”

“What?”  (When I’m at my desk working on genealogy-related material I am deeply focused and only half-aware of what is going on around me.).

“Did we win another medal?” I ask, jumping up to look at the telly in the next room as another track and field race was finishing up during the London 2012 Olympics.

“Go back to sleep, Dear,” my wife smiles, shaking her head.

“This, Dad,” Chef sticks the article under my nose.  The Ontario Genealogical Society (Toronto, ON) currently offers certificates for proven lineage in four categories: Centenary, Upper Canada, the 1837 Rebellion, and the War of 1812. “Can we get them all?”

“Looks easy enough,” I answer. (The keyword here is “looks”)

It took two days to fill in the first application and send it off.  Two certificates showed up a month later.  Funny story: the first one did not have a seal on it – Chef thought that was hilarious! (Gram didn’t).

Began working on the second application, after mailing the first one.  It’s been two months and I am almost done.  This application is a little more in-depth than the previous one.  Every birth and marriage must be proven for each generation; rather than just the earliest generation.  Only need two more documents.

Interesting thing:  I distinctly heard, “Can we get them all?”  Plural pronoun that “we,” but I’ve been working alone…


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