Sorting Saturday: A Little Room and Too Much Stuff

Moved into oldest son’s bedroom, a few days after he moved out.

Why did it look like a BIG room when it was empty, but turned into a really small area for a genealogy office with all my stuff? (Well, not really all my stuff, I still have my father’s old Air Force footlocker full of cemetery transcription booklets and then there’s eight banker’s boxes still sitting in the basement with it.

Junior’s mattress is still propped against the short wall behind the bedroom/office door, and my wife’s china cabinet sits by the window, along the opposite wall from Junior’s bed.

I wonder if I could create more room by moving my desk and printer table into the closet? All that’s in there is a mobile air-conditioner and a small book cabinet. Hmmmm

Nope.  Nearest power outlet is where I currently am. So much for that idea.


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