FHWC 2013 Day 11: For Crown and Country (Part 1)

FHWC2013JoinMeHave you ever leafed through your research notes and tallied up how many relatives served in World War II? Then compare the number of survivors to those who had lost their lives?

I did once about 20 years B.C. (Before Children and Before Computers), but what disturbed me was not knowing what they were doing when they were killed.

It took a bit of thoughtful research, but some of the stories are heroic while others are not.

ATKINSON Daddys Girl

It has been said that War does not discriminate — and it is sadly true.

Section Officer Jean Burgess ATKINSON was transferring to her new unit, when her plane crashed.

She was single and only 30years-old.

Before joining the Army, Jean studied physiotherapy at the University of Toronto (Ontario). She graduated “Magna Cum Laude.”

She is buried in North Embro Cemetery (Oxford Co, Ontario) with her parents in the family plot.

She was a daughter of Dr. Howard Burgess ATKINSON, MVD (Veterinarian) and Annie Jane RUTHERFORD.


Flying Officer Robert Leslie EDWARDS was attached the No. 1 RCAF Squadron.  

He flew with British and American pilots during the bombings of London, (England.).

[NOTE: For all the WWII Trivia buffs out there, Edwards was the first Allied pilot shot down during the Blitz.].

He crashed his Hurricane I (P3874) at Little Bardfield, Essex and was killed 26AUG1940He was 28years-old.

Less than a year earlier, Edwards had married.  They had not yet started a family, when he answered “the Call to Arms.”

ROSS the Star Man

Flying Officer Floyd Reginald ROSS was flying midnight sorties out over Burma, when he was shot down 12JUN1945.  

He was buried in a collective grave at the Taukkyan War Cemetery in Rangoon, Myanmar.  

He left behind a wife and a two-year-old daughter.

 Floyd was a son of Dr. John Arthur ROSS, MD, PhD and Ida Maud MAW. He was only 24years-old.


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