FHWC 2013 Day 14: A String of Hearts

FHWC2013JoinMeMy Mum has a small red string bundling some old valentines with poetic verses tucked in them, written by my father in their early years of marriage.  She kept them in a footstool — the cushion could be removed revealing a hideaway storage in the small boxed frame of the stool.

MiLady also has a bundle of valentines and romantic verses that I wrote for her (and continue to do so) going back to when we were engaged.  I have absolutely no idea where she keeps them, but they are somewhere in the bedroom.

I strongly believe that every married woman has such a collection tucked away somewhere, don’t you?

But, my question to the ladies is this:  Do you have a valentine (or valentines) that you received from your husband, BEFORE he was your  fiancé/ husband?  

My mother does not have any cards before she married my father, and MiLady has a couple from when we were engaged but I know of one woman that received a valentine from her future husband  — my maternal grandmother, Grace!  

My grandfather, James Henry had given it to her (in 1933), hoping that it would win him another chance to see her again — or better still get a kiss! (They were married in 1934.).

The card was red and valentine-shaped.  It flipped open at the base point. It was trimmed in lace, and a silhouette of a young lady (similar to a cameo) was situated in the center. “Be My Valentine” was in script beneath the cameo.

The verse inside I do not remember, it has been too many years since I saw it.*


*It went missing in 2001, when I moved from Ontario to Alberta, along with a 1902 birth certificate from England, 3 WWI and 6 WWII military records.

For my wife, MiLady 2013


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