FHWC 2013 Day 15: Black Christmas (Part II)

FHWC2013JoinMeSome time ago a genealogy buddy told me that blogs are “cousin bait,” I did not believe her then, but after  Wednesday (FEB13), I believe her NOW!  

My cousin (3C1R), Cherel in Ontario, has been following along enjoying the stories.  She has even written a couple of times, each with a long informative e-mail saying that I have “dragged her back into genealogy.” (In my own defense, Your Honour, I did not hear any screaming during this alleged encounter.).

But with Cherel’s help, I can give a better narrative as to what happened to George’s wife, Elizabeth and their family, after he died in the mine collapse at the Corton Wood Colliery.

The earliest document with George and Elizabeth is the 1871 UK Census from: District 2, Tankersley, Yorkshire, England. This census was taken 02APR1871

1871 UK Liz and Geo

George is a coal miner, boarding with Mr. & Mrs. John (and Grace) CARDWELL and their family: Thomas (21), Elizabeth (18), Joseph (17), Mary (8), Emily (5) and William (3).

The second document found was written 1 month and 27 days later in Barnsley Parish, Yorkshire, England:

pg106 reg211 1871MY29

They got married, but Elizabeth was only 19yrs-old?  

Document #3 gives an approximate date, as it is her baptism from the registers of St. Michael and All Angels, Thornhill, York, England.

baptism for Liz

[I do not know about you, but I am confused. She was in census in APR1871 (18) but married by MAY1871 (19); so when was her birthday? She was baptized in 1852NV28. Why do I think her birthday is late April or Early May.].

The next located document was the 1881 UK Census: Wombwell, Yorkshire, England. George and Elizabeth have a family of four girls!

1881 UK CEnsus Geo and Liz

This, of course, was the last census with George, as he was killed at the Corton Wood Colliery in Tankersley 22DEC1882.

But, his widow Elizabeth was found in another Barnsley Parish document dated 08JUN1884:

Liz second marriage

When she marries Obadiah BEAUMONT, who is another coal miner, and happens to be three years her junior!

Now, the last document my cousin shared with me, was the 1891 UK Census: District 3, Horbury, Yorkshire, England:


And it had a few surprises:

  • [1] Mary (George’s oldest daughter, 9yo in 1881) is missing; but she would be 19 by 1891 and possibly took a husband;
  • [2] Frances (George’s youngest daughter; 2yo in 1881) is also missing; she would only be 12, a wee bit too young to be married off, no?
  • [3] James — George had a son! — born 1882, the same year George died.
  • [4] George W — a grandson? — but does he belong to George or Obadiah? 

More questions?!?



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