FHWC 2013 Day 24: Black Christmas (Part IV)


Mothers are like glue — even when you can’t see them — they’re still holding the family together.

Yesterday, I posted an investigation, and long argument, that James HEMINGWAY is (probably) not my great-grandfather, Hamer Henry HEMINGWAY.  [For you late arrivals, Hamer was the father of my maternal gram, Grace Ethel (HEMINGWAY) ATKINSON.].

We will take one more glance into this family … and put some stray pieces into the puzzle to complete some more of the picture.

Mary Elizabeth (HEMMINGWAY) [1:DISHER] 2:BOWMAN 


  • b.abt1874, as per 1881 UK Census
  • mother of George W. HEMMINGWAY, the “1yo step grandson” from the 1891 UK Census;
    • born 1890 to Martha (no father listed on 22JAN1890 baptism record);
    • died 1894, George William HEMMINGWAY, 4yo (Hornsby Parish, YRK, ENG)


  • b.abt1876, as per 1881 UK Census

Frances Miranda HEMMINGWAY

  • b.abt1879, as per 1881 UK Census


Odd Man Out

My great-grandfather, Hamer was b.abt1877 and would fit in between Sarah Ann and Frances Miranda, but, evidently, he is NOT here.

Another 1881 UK Census (Tankersley Parish, Chapeltown District) has a young Hamer (14), as a son to another Hamer (60yo) and his (second?) wife, Sarah (47) w/the following six children: Joe (17), “Hamor”, Charles (12), Florence (10), Alice HEMMINGWAY (5), and Sarah Ann (HEMMINGWAY) WIGFIELD.  NOTE: daughter, Sarah Ann (22) is married; with two daughters of her own: Laura (5) and Gertrude (3).

Only one problem with this 1881 census: “Hamor” is 14yo; if he were my grandfather, he would only be 4yo.



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