FHWC 2013 Day 26: Black Christmas (Finale?)

FHWC2013JoinMe Two days ago, I continued relaying the mysterious puzzle I have inherited regarding my maternal grandmother’s grandfather: who is he?

As I have shared with you, nothing has really shed any light upon the matter, just more confusion.  I have my theories, but a handful of researchers “Across the Pond” have theirs and they are in conflict with mine. (Oh well.).

One chap is too old, and another is far too young, but, I think I am on the right track, if you consider the following:

  • my grandmother’s name was Grace: the mother of Elizabeth (CARDWELL) [HEMMINGWAY] BEAUMONT was also named Grace;
  • my Grams had a brother named John; the father of Elizabeth (CARDWELL) [HEMMINGWAY] BEAUMONT was also named John;
  • Grams had another brother named George: the HEMMINGWAY victim of the mining accident was named George;
  • Grams also had a sister named “Sadie” (Sarah): possibly named after one of George’s daughters?
  • another sister named Esther
  • and still another sister named Alice

The names of Esther and Alice, I am not certain of yet, but I will figure them out one day

Picking up from two days ago, George HEMMINGWAY from the Corton Wood Colliery accident was the father of four daughters.  I detailed the eldest two, Mary and Martha, what follows is what was sent to me about George’s third daughter:


  • b. abt1876, as per 1881 UK Census
  • b. abt1877, as per Ontario Marriage Registration 26JAN1898 Welland, ON, CAN; spouse: Joseph JENKINS b. abt.1868 Middlesex, ENG
  • 2013-02-26_0957531901 CDN Census – ON, Lincoln & Niagara, Pelham: Joseph Jenkins (b.28FEB1867), Sarah N (b.03APR1876), son Percy C (b.23OCT1900) and mother, Elizabeth HEMINGWAY (25OCT1850)
  • 1901 JENKINS1911 CDN Census – ON, Welland, Pelham: Joseph JENKENS (44), Sarah (35), Percy (11) and Alice (10)

So, here am I, dumbfounded (again) and surrounded by files, photos and emails, laid out  in sweeping arcs upon the carpeted floor … Wait, why do I feel I have been here, before???

This special thanks to my ATKINSON cousin, Cherel (GRANNER) MARTIN


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