FHWC 2013 Day 26: Black Christmas (Finale?)

FHWC2013JoinMe Two days ago, I continued relaying the mysterious puzzle I have inherited regarding my maternal grandmother’s grandfather: who is he?

As I have shared with you, nothing has really shed any light upon the matter, just more confusion.  I have my theories, but a handful of researchers “Across the Pond” have theirs and they are in conflict with mine. (Oh well.).

One chap is too old, and another is far too young, but, I think I am on the right track, if you consider the following:

  • my grandmother’s name was Grace: the mother of Elizabeth (CARDWELL) [HEMMINGWAY] BEAUMONT was also named Grace;
  • my Grams had a brother named John; the father of Elizabeth (CARDWELL) [HEMMINGWAY] BEAUMONT was also named John;
  • Grams had another brother named George: the HEMMINGWAY victim of the mining accident was named George;
  • Grams also had a sister named “Sadie” (Sarah): possibly named after one of George’s daughters?
  • another sister named Esther
  • and still another sister named Alice

The names of Esther and Alice, I am not certain of yet, but I will figure them out one day

Picking up from two days ago, George HEMMINGWAY from the Corton Wood Colliery accident was the father of four daughters.  I detailed the eldest two, Mary and Martha, what follows is what was sent to me about George’s third daughter:


  • b. abt1876, as per 1881 UK Census
  • b. abt1877, as per Ontario Marriage Registration 26JAN1898 Welland, ON, CAN; spouse: Joseph JENKINS b. abt.1868 Middlesex, ENG
  • 2013-02-26_095753
  • 1901 CDN Census – ON, Lincoln & Niagara, Pelham: Joseph Jenkins (b.28FEB1867), Sarah N (b.03APR1876), son Percy C (b.23OCT1900) and mother, Elizabeth HEMINGWAY (25OCT1850)
  • 1901 JENKINS
  • 1911 CDN Census – ON, Welland, Pelham: Joseph JENKENS (44), Sarah (35), Percy (11) and Alice (10)
  • 1911 JENKENS


So, here am I, dumbfounded (again) and surrounded by files, photos and emails, laid out  in sweeping arcs upon the carpeted floor … Wait, why do I feel I have been here, before???

This special thanks to my ATKINSON cousin, Cherel (GRANNER) MARTIN


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