Fearless Females (Day 2): A Picture Is Worth …



This picture is of my third-earliest female ancestor, a woman named Sarah Ann (CAWARD) ATKINSON, dressed in her finest; with all good reason to be: it’s her wedding day!

The original is Sepia-tone and includes her groom, Thomas ATKINSON II — and said photograph is in the possession of my mother’s cousin, June in Ontario.  

Family stories relayed that she married in 1870 — but it had to be earlier than that because their daughter, Mary was born in February 1870. They would have nine more children over a 21-year span, with the youngest, Ida being born in April 1891.

This cameo was made from a photocopy of the original, primarily to focus upon this early ancestor of mine.

Sarah came from England in the mid-1800s with her parents and settled in York, Upper Canada (AKA Toronto, Ontario).

Before she married Thomas ATKINSON II, Sarah gave birth to a daughter in 1865, and called her Annie (CAWARD). Annie’s birth registration did not list a name for her father, nor was Sarah listed as married.

I do not believe that this  situation would make her a fearless female, but it would certainly make her a blacksheep.


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  1. Personally, I do think it makes her Fearless if she conceived one or possible two children outside of marriage, and still managed to “carry on” (as they say the British say). To me, her cameo shows a woman of determination, especially in the “set” of her jaw and mouth. She looks stalwart.


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