Fearless Females (Day 4): “I do?”

Looking through my paper treasures, I locate copies of marriage register entries for both sets of grandparents, three sets of great-grandparents, and a couple more for two other couples: one twice great and the other thrice great-grandparents, but they pale in comparison to one of my prized possessions that hangs, majestically, upon the wall of my genealogy office.

It is not the original certificate, but it is a certified copy of an 1876 marriage solemnized in Moy Church, in the Parish of Moy, in the County of Tyrone (Northern Ireland).

  • The groom was Henry Orr WILSON, a “full age bachelor” from Dungannon, occupied as a clerk. Henry was a son of Thomas WILSON; and Thomas was listed as a farmer.
  • The bride was Isabella CLARKE, a “full age spinster” from Coolcush, [no occupation listed]. Isabella was a daughter of John CLARKE; and John was also listed as a farmer.

But, how is this couple related to me?

  • Henry and Isabella had a daughter: Eva Clarke WILSON, born in Belfast, County Down, Northern Ireland.  They came to Canada prior to 1901
  • Eva married James Walker ATKINSON, the 8th child of Thomas ATKINSON II and the former Sarah Ann CAWARD.
  • Eva and J.W. had two children: James Henry and Lenore Eva
  • James Henry married the former Grace Ethel HEMMINGWAY — yes, my grandparents 🙂


But, everytime I look upon this massive 13″x10″ certificate, I shake my head, chuckling quietly to myself thinking of only one thing:

“Full age spinster … SPINSTER!”

Yeah, because I can imagine some dumb idiot trying to use THAT in a sentence, to impress his friends and gain the attention of one of my younger female cousins.

Oh, I can see him gaining her undivided attention, alright … and when he does, it will be memorable for everyone; and I will ring up Adele, our local florist, to wire a large arrangement of flowers to the funeral home holding his wake, with my deepest condolences.


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