Fearless Females (Day 16): How To Make a Romantic Dinner for Two

[1] Call your sweetheart and state that you’ll make dinner for her on any night of her choosing

[2] Purchase next year’s calendar and mark the dinner date and theme (Italian) if applicable

[3] Purchase all required foodstuffs, wine (or champagne) and ensure you have all culinary items to prepare meal

[4] On day of dinner, pick up flowers, candles and matches BEFORE you start making meal

[5] Prepare pasta in boiling water. Prepare sauce in another pot. Make certain nothing boils over. Drain pasta and remove sauce from heat.

[6] Treat hands for scalds. Set table. Light candles.

[7] Treat hands for burns. Sweep up broken china and carefully remove broken glass from foot. Bandage foot.

[8] Open champagne bottle to allow romantic beverage to “breathe.”

[9] Remove cork from eye. Mop up spillage from champagne bottle and fill flute glasses, before changing into best suit.

[10] Place order for delivery from Italian restaurant down the street. She’ll never know the difference!

NOTE: When sweetheart questions your injuries, state that you were the test subject for the office first aid course!



  1. I laughed out loud. So cute! Read something like this on the internet lately, called “How to give a cat a pill.” Will try to find and post on Twitter. Sweetheart surely will appreciate your efforts.


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