Fearless Females (Day 18): Mum is Sew Smart

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CNR Cambridge ClothesIt was the early 1980s and I had one year left of secondary school, when Mum took a job working for the professional men’s clothing manufacturer, Coppley, Noyes & Randall — now, it is just Coppley Apparel — who were the sole Canadian agents for the Cambridge Clothes (UK) label. 

Mum’s job involved working on a sewing machine, 40hrs a week, piecing together jacket sleeves, stitching buttons to the sleeve cuffs, then attaching same to the unfinished jacket.

After her work was completed, another seamstress would apply buttons down the front and attach the inner lining.

When completed a two-piece suit would fetch between $400-$500, while a three-piece suit would be closer to $600-$700 — the price of the 3pc also included a “pocket square” for the upper left breat pocket on the front of the jacket.

Now, this little bit was interesting: the exact same suits, but with a Coppley, Noyes & Randall label (instead of Cambridge Clothes label) were significantly less: 2pc @$289 and a 3pc @$489.  The only other difference was the 3pc suit would not have a pocket square.

Wait a minute — 3pc suits?!? Do guys still wear these, besides me?

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