I Still Hate Moving

Yes, the move is done; has been for some time, but now … I’m disappointed for the lack of a better word.
My genealogy office occupies a corner in my youngest son’s room and I thank him for the use of the space! My PC and desk block one of his sliding closet doors unfortunately.
No, my disappointment stems from where my shelves, storage bins, books, binders and framed documents are: packed in a basement that is also packed tight, as it is being used as a storage room for now.
I cannot access my research notes; some of them are on computer, but not my earlier works — the first 30 or so years.
I know, I need to scan them, but I have priorities: scanning old photos and letters first.
But, all of this must wait until the cold weather sets in. It is still somewhat pleasant outside, so there is yard work and other little things on the “Honeydew List” to finish.
Winter is here, when?


1 Comment

  1. Winter will come soon enough. So enjoy the outdoors while you can. Getting things put in their proper place is a task that has to be endured after moving. But sooner or later things will find their proper place. By the way I hate moving also.


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