Are You Well Read?

The list below is of genealogy-related fiction.

How many have you read?

  • MacPherson, R. (2004). In Sheep’s Clothing. Minotaur Books
  • Mills, E.S. (2004) Isle of Canes. (Publisher)
  • Davis, A. (2003). Hanging Katherine Garrett. Heritage Books
  • Fox, J. (2002). Lineages & Lies. (PUBLISHER)
  • Sramago, J. (2001). All the Names. Mariner Books.
  • Larsgaard, C. (2000). The Heir Hunter. Dell Publishing
  • Harrington, J. (2000). The Death of Cousin Rose. Worldwide Library
  • Martin, L. (1997). Genealogy of Murder. Canada: Worldwide Library
  • Greenbie, B. (1996). The Hole in the Heartland: An American Mystery. Spectare Print
  • Landrum, G. (1992). The Famous D.A.R. Murder Mystery. St. Martins Press


  1. I’ve gotten really deep into my family’s genealogy this part year. I’ve been reading books set in the countries they came from. Thanks for the list of fiction.


  2. Two other good ones are True Woman by Janice Woods Windle. She has also written several others about her family in Texas. And Sweeter the Juice by Shirlee Taylor Haizlip about an African American family.


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