Don’t Ask What’s On My Phone

I’ve been reading a lot about what many genealogy friends have on their cell phones to aid them in their genealogy work, whether it is personal or professional.

I forget who had orginally asked me, but I do remember having a conversation with MiLady about it afterwards.

She screwed up her face into a very puzzled look and shook her head.

“That’s a very silly question to ask,” she finally replied.

It was then my turn to make an odd face. She smiled.

“I don’t look like that!” she giggled, as she gently pushed me away from her with one hand.

“Yes, you do!” I teased, rocking back towards her like a pendulum. “Why did you say the question was silly?”

Her answer made perfect sense:

Some people have iPhones, others have SmartPhones. Depending on what type of phone you have, will limit you to what you can have on it. (My God, I married a genius!).

The cellphone I currently have is my second one in six years. My sons’ comments: You need an iPhone, Dad! But, MiLady just says I need to get a new phone.

“But I did!” I tell her. “I still miss my Razer2!” It was cool, lightweight thin, but the antenna was in the hinge (it was one of those flip phones; the same one Dr. Jack Shepherd used in the TV show LOST.). The only problem I had with it: it kept shorting out, causing the outside I.D. window to blackout all the time.  I had it for three years, when MiLady finally had enough (she had borrowed it one day) and got me a new one.

Don’t ask me what it is — I don’t know! I’ve had it for almost three years and all I can tell you is: it’s made by LG

I discovered very soon that I could not have a lot of the apps that I wanted on my (stupid) new phone. Not because the format was not compatible (there were a few of those), but because I would use up my data package in less than three days and get billed for the additional data!

I was still the president of the Alberta Genealogical Society back then and receiving e-mails and attachments from all over the province. I would download and view documents, edit/comment and send them back to my executive collegues three or four times a day! (It was a learning experience.).

It was then Chef gave MiLady and I an idea: get an iPod and use WiFi!

I think I have everything that I use on my computer on my iPod

First, there’s the heavy-weights, the absolute must haves: FaceBook, Twitter, WordPress, Evernote, Dropbox, and TimHortons

Next are the support staff apps: Ancestry, BillionGraves, TombFinder, Heredis and iDNAtest (I would include RootsMagic but it doesn’t work on my phone.).

Then there are the ones I found that I cannot live without: Podcasts, RootsTech, FGS, EnglishCal, Cluster and ColourNote.

Cluster is the prodgeny of iCloud and Dropbox. You create a folder/album and upload pictures. Share with family or friends; and they can upload to that album.  The next wedding you attend, have all the guests upload to the Bride&Groom’s wedding album on Cluster.  You’ll have access to every picture and print whatever you like from it!

ColourNote. (I like it more than Evernote!). ColourNote creates stickynotes just like Evernote, but you can colour code the notes — Evernote can’t do that!

Colour is important to me.  I have a colour system (coloured folders) for my genealogy, with ColourNote I can code my notes to the same colours as my research folders! I can view at a glance what family my newest found cousin is from by viewing the cheat-sheet I made with her address and email on it. I can make speed lists, grouping relatives by family and send them all the latest grave photo I found without worrying I left someone out!

Not too long ago, Junior gave me his BlackBerry PlayBook! He got it from his former employer as a Christmas gift. He couldn’t get it to do what he wanted, so he gave it to me.

I used it to participate in #genchat conversations, while watching the “Who Do You Think You Are?” TV shows with MiLady from our LaZBoy loveseat. A few problems with navigation, but nothing major; it’s still a new toy to me.

I think I have all the above-mentioned apps on the playbook too.  Only app I know that I am missing on it is LinkedIn.  Not sure if I’m really missing anything though; haven’t figured out why I need yet.

Enough rambling. Enjoy the rest of your day!

L. Rabbit

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