And the Great Pilgrimage Begins Anew

You have no doubt heard the new app is available.  

Some of the bloggers and tweeters that you follow have probably remarked they are preparing for their play-dates with their fellow bloggers, tweeters and friends early in the new year. 

Yes; it is RootsTech2014 — the mecca of genealogical gatherings.  In a special way (to a very select few) it is like a family reunion … I’ll explain later.

In my earlier days, I attended a handful of major conferences: Ottawa and Toronto  (Ontario), Chicago (Illinois), Tampa (Florida), Trenton (New Jersey) Buffalo and New York (New York); but nothing compares to RootsTech in Salt Lake City, Utah … It is like comparing a TV dinner to your mother’s home cooking; you just don’t do that.

No, RootsTech is one of those experiences that needs to be felt, not just seen and heard.  Many attendees feel like little kids in the Candy Store — there is just so much to see and not enough time to take it all in!

The crowds resemble the bustling throng of Grand Central Station or the O’Hare International Aeroport, but with one major difference. The famous are among you!

Yes, the Rockstars of Genealogy: Dick Eastman, Footnote Maven, Jen Baldwin, Lisa Louise Cooke, Thomas MacEntee, Lisa Alzo and many others, take to the halls to get to the presentation and exhibit rooms just as you do.

And you can easily recognize the first-timers in the crowd from their eardrum-piercing, fan-girl squeals.

“EEEEEEEEE! Did you see that?” one asks, as she nudges her travelling companion, “[Somebody] just bumped into me!” 

“Oh, look over there!” the other one calls out. “Is that her? IT IS!” 

Which is then followed by both of them squealing and jumping up and down excitedly, while Old-Timers much like me desperately dig in their laptop bags for some Advil … or earplugs.

Then, you have the strangers that began their friendships on Twitter, GeneaBloggers or GenChat, etc, who made plans to meet at RootsTech. They get together and are inseparable. And when it is time to go, they make arrangements then and there for the following year! Just like the family reunion that I mentioned above.

Unfortunately, my plans to attend the 2014 festivities must be postponed to 2015. I do not believe that this little Irish bunny will get very far without his passport.

But, Nostalgia recently told me that she will be in attendance.

And I will pray every night during RootsTech that you all survive the ordeal. 

Yes, she is a Scream Queen.




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    • I wouldn’t use the word “sadly,” Dearie; we just take longer to plan these things, is all
      And as to the drink, I gladly accept, as long as I am not tending bar that Friday evening at Treeverne; but if I am, we’ll throw back a few, after Last Call on The Pirate Queen’s tab! </;)
      I'm told there are a few drinks I need to collect


  1. Do I finally get to know who Nostalgia is? So unfortunate you won’t be there in person, but I know we’ll be tweetin’. 🙂


    • You will be too busy this year to worry, Dearie, but 2015 will get here soon enough. As for Nostalgia, she’ll find you!
      Be certain to have this little emergency kit [some garlic, vervain, silver bullets, and a wooden stake] with you
      … oh, and a shot glass — You’ll definitely need use of it when she takes her leave of you.
      I expect to find a few genchat regulars at the bar, in 2015 … those that just barely survived Nostalgia’s 2014 visit to RootsTech!
      HINT: While at RootsTech, if you should happen to hear a woman’s voice belting out Broadway show tunes, RUN AWAY! It’s Nostalgia!


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