#52Ancestors No.2: Wesley Wilbert ATKINSON [C3R]

WESLEY WILBERT ATKINSON, born 13AUG1898* to SOLOMON GEORGE ATKINSON (1856-1944) and the former Isabella Catherine SHEARDOWN (1862-1933) in York County, Ontario, was the seventh of nine children (4 boys, 5 girls) and was the second youngest son.

He was my cousin three times removed. [C3R]

Wesley’s birthdate is in dispute. Some sources state 16AUG1898, others 07SEP1898 while a third group 07SEP1899!



BOLTON: Wesley ATKINSON, the 18 year-old-son of Solomon ATKINSON, was drowned Sunday* in Bell’s Lake, in the township of King.  In order to escape the intense heat he went down to the lake, accompanied by his two brothers, for a swim.  They obtained a raft, which they boarded and pushed out into the water.  Wesley took a header, and when he came to the surface after his dive his brother saw that he was in distress and put out a pole to him.  The other brother tried to get hold of the lad, but his hand slipped and Wesley sank again. He did not come to the surface a second time, and when the body was recovered life was quite extinct.

*Sunday was 30JUL1916

Wesley was buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bolton, York County, Ontario. Exact date is unknown.
PHOTOGRAPHER: K. Riecs, 2008

*Streetsville [now part of Mississauga, Ontario]


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