Why Do I Do, What I Do, Like That?

I do not know how better to title this, other than what you see above. (I am open to suggestions, if you can think of something “catchy.”).

As to “Why” I do it: It works!

It all started with #GenChat on Friday wandering off on numerous side conversations, as it usually does.  

Tending bar, I was and ensuring the caterers were keeping the buffet tables full for all of Treeverne’s visitors; the surprising onslaught of newcomers unnumbered our regular patrons 2:1

That’s when I got “blackmailed” into one conversation by a professional con-artist!

One young lady, a first-time visitor, sat near the back of the bar.  I thought nothing of her quiet demeanor, until the Pirate Queen made her rounds greeting everyone. Introducing herself, My Queen struck up light conversation. (All Queens do that, ya know, it’s called “Common Courtesy 101.”).

Well, the little vixen beguiled Her Majesty with a show-stopping chorus of “Masquerade” from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!  Then insisted I make it a duet! 0.0


[I couldn’t sing my way out of a wet, paper bag!].

To save what little remained of my charming, Old Country gentleman image, I poured three pints from the tap and personally rushed them in front of the little waif.

When the Pirate Queen left, I spoke softly to my young nemesis:  “SSSSHHHH! Keep it dark, Little One! Allow me one shred of mystery, no?”

She eyed the glasses with a wide smile, as I returned to the bar.

Thinking that the remainder of my evening would be uneventful, I was disappointed to discover the, NOW, drunken little vixen had everyone’s attention regarding note taking!

My cast-off reply was merely an example of what NOT to do: offering her a page from one of my messy attempts at research notes.

She was ecstatic — and excited to welcome the paper! (I still believe the young lady was underage, had far too much to drink and probably has no recollection of the conversation!).

But, it was what happened next that disturbed me.

Two regular patrons joined @NAME and insisted on seeing a sample of my notes as well!

(NOTE TO SELF: Check the back stores of Rum; it may be tainted.).

I quickly confessed that my notes are prone to cause headaches, as they are encrypted, sort of. The image below is a LEGEND explaining with the use of samples (“page tears”) taken from one research note page.  I originally wrote it for my Mum, so that she could follow along more easily.

LEGENDNow, the use of colour is not only for the reference numbers located upon the right of the page, but also the information it relates to. The sample pictured above was chosen without colour, so as to not distract Mum from understanding the basic concept of my messy attempt of note-taking.

This next example outlines my version of notation; I don’t like using “citations” because I have not found one version that is simple enough to write, without having to look it up in a book! APA, ASA, AMA, CSA, CPA, AOL … there’s far too many!


So, I’ve made my own. I understand what it means, and I can find the original documents from the description given! THAT’s the important part! Right? O.o (The highlighted passages are reminders for me to locate the information detail from the original and transfer into my notes.).

For those still curious, a colour sample:


Please note: the red diamond represents data taken from the gravestone AND cemetery location.

US1900, 1910, etc denote U.S. Census records to be researched. C1871, 1881, 1891, etc represent Canadian Census records to be researched.

And that’s it!  Nothing elaborate, nothing fancy. Started 30+ years ago in WordPerfect, then transposed into Word.

I’ve tried Roots III (liked it but the programme disappeared before I could purchase it). Tried PAF, but it kept giving my maternal grarndfather six wives, all of them named “Grace!” Got FTM for my birthday a few years ago; it didn’t make charts the way I wanted, so I’ve given up and gone back to my papers, books and Word documents.

Sir Leprechaunrabbit

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