#52Ancestors No.3 Floyd Reginald ROSS WWII [2C2R]

FLOYD REGINALD ROSS, born 17APR1921 to Dr. John Arthur ROSS, M.D. (1885-1959) and the former IDA MAUD MAW (1884-1973) in Antler, Saskatchewan, was the fifth of ten children (6 boys, 4 girls) and was the third youngest son.

rossthestarman12JUN1945: Liberator aircraft #KH316 was bombing Japanese troop concentrations at Alugale, BURMA when it burst into flames, before hitting a hill and disintegrating west of village of Laungchaung, Maya Peninsula, BURMA. Ross and seven others were killed.

He was my second cousin twice removed [C2R]; and only 24 years-old.




    1. Hello, Dearie (perhaps I should say, “Hullo, Cousin?”)
      As I encrypted in the post title, Floyd is a C2R, Cousin Twice Removed.

      I do better with pictures, but I cannot put them in this area; it’s only for comments.
      So, I hope you can follow along.

      Starting with Floyd > his mother, Ida Maud (MAW) ROSS > her mother, Alice (ATKINSON) MAW >
      her brother, Thomas ATKINSON II > his son, James Walker ATKINSON > his son, James Henry ATKINSON >
      his daughter, MY MUM! > then me!

      *Looks at the list above and ponders*
      Yep, the chart looks WAYYYY better!


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