RootsTech 2014: It May Be the Last

4am and I wake suddenly from a sound sleep.

Fearfully, I look about in an obvious panic. 

Where is SHE?!?


Silence? What’s that?

As any parent with young, hyperly-active children, or with older, not-so-hyperly-active children still living at home, can attest: “Silence” is a visitor who NEVER stays long enough.

Not the same, I’m afraid, can be said for Nostalgia. (Yes, my friends, she stayed for three months!).

Now, for the very few of you, not so familiar with this poor excuse for a relative, run away! Run, far, far away! She will find you, and you will never know a moment’s peace ever again! (Take heed; this will be your only warning.).

As for the rest of you, you laughed when I told you about her invasive, unannounced visitations. For the most part, her visits usually end in a few hours or involve a weekend stay, where she becomes a very high-maintenance “guest.”

And then my foggy brain cleared and I remembered: She left for RootsTech!

Relieved, I stagger back to bed … ROOTSTECH?!?


My mind scrambles through my list of genealogical mentors and friends. If she finds them, I will lose them all to her Borg-like misdemeanors; and I will be alone!

Very soon, I expect to receive desperate phone calls, troublesome tweets and emotional emails from the many attendees at RootsTech 2014, begging for assistance on how to avoid Nostalgia’s radar.

Alas, my replies will contain the two most powerful words ever known to mankind:



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