#52Ancestors No.7: Thomas James FARDING [C3R]

This week’s ancestor is a puzzle. (Yeah, I have a couple of real mind-benders, but I’ll give you this not-so-hard one, first.).
Oh, and both puzzles are a couple of brothers!


Thomas was the first of eight children of James FARDING (1850-1918) and the former Mary Jane ATKINSON (1848-1918). Thomas was also their eldest son, and my cousin three times removed.

I can tell you he was born February 23rd in Markdale, Glenelg Township, Grey County, Ontario, but his birthyear is still being deliberated by the juries. Some strongly argue Thomas was born in 1874, while others retort it was 1875 in Euphrasia Township!

I regret this branch of the family is very unfamiliar to me, as I have been unable to locate other researchers tracing the line. Due to this, there is very little more I can give.

When he was of age, Thomas went West to find work.
In 1898, he settled in Carlyle, Saskatchewan; as found in the Saskatchewan Residents Index of the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society, and page 15 of “Prairie Trails to Blacktop,” a book in their library.
In the 1901 Canadian Census, J. Thomas FARDING (age 27y: 23FEB1873) was found in Dalesboro, Assinaboia (east), THE TERRITORIES. [This area later became known as the Northwest Territories and Saskatchewan.].
By 1911, an unmarried Thomas James FARDING (FEB1874) was residing in Battleford, Saskatchewan.

S21 Innisfail CEM closeupBut by February 24th, 1939 — one day after his birthday — he died in Innisfail, Lake County, Alberta. I am still having difficulties confirming how it happened.

In 2007, my wife and I went to Innisfail Cemetery to look for Thomas; I even recruited the assistance of some volunteers from the Tourism booth next door, who found a groundskeeper to help, but no stone for Thomas was found.

Two years later, I searched the Cemetery Database of the Alberta Genealogical Society.

Again, no Thomas. No burial is listed for him.

All that possibly remains is the chance, he was returned to either Saskatchewan or Ontario for burial.

I’ll keep ya posted </;)


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  1. Wow! So as far as you know Thomas never married and you don’t know yet where he is buried. It’s so good that you shared his story so his life isn’t lost to history. Good luck as you continue your research!


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