#52Ancestors Group 15: ATKINSON (in a nutshell) part II

A year and a half ago (NOV21,2012), I detailed Thomas ATKINSON and Bethia (KIDD)’s oldest child, Robert along with his wife and children in a “Surname Saturday” post. 


This time, we are looking at Thomas & Bethia’s second son (as well as second child), William. William is the immediate older brother my my twice great grandfather, Thomas 2nd.

POST SCRIPT:  Thomas 1st is my three times great grandfather; he sailed to Canada from England in 1833 with his parents John ATKINSON & Elizabeth HODGSON, his pregnant sister Mary, his brother-in-law Thomas BRUNSKILL, their six children and his younger brother, Robert.

William ATKINSON married Elizabeth EDMONDSON (no further information known).  They had 13 children:

  • Thomas Percival ATKINSON (1864-1933) married 1886: Anne SIMMONS (1862-1946); 4 (known) children
  • Melissa J. ATKINSON (1867-1910) married 1892: William Edward PATTERSON (1866-1954); no further information known
  • William John ATKINSON (1869-1971) married 1892/ post 1941: [1] Emily C. WAIT (1869-1941); one son [2] Bertha JUKES (born-1954); no issue
  • Samuel ATKINSON (1871-1945) married 1904: Olive STERRITT (1875-1967); one son
  • Elizabeth ATKINSON (1873-1907) married 1897: William THOMAS (1862-1912); 2 (known) children
  • Charles ATKINSON (1874-1909) never married; 35yrs 7dys
  • Mary B. ATKINSON (1876-1909) never married; 32yrs 11mos 8dys
  • Solomon ATKINSON (1879-1879); 5mos 16dys
  • Hannah Lillian ATKINSON (year-year) married year 1905: William SIMMS (year-year); 5 children
  • Robert Henry ATKINSON (1882-1962) married 1908/ 1942: [1] Robina GLEASON (1882-1941); no issue [2] Mabel Adelina (FAIRCLOUGH) SANFORD (1883-1951); 3 step-children
  • Grace ATKINSON (1884-1963) married 1908: Urban Evans ESSERY (1883-1956); 3 (known) children
  • Wesley Austin ATKINSON (1887-1901) never married
  • Ruth Edmondson ATKINSON (1890-1972) married 1920: Joseph McBRIDE (1885-1972); no further information known

All burials in St. Marys, Perth Co, ON, except the following:

  • Thomas Percival and wife buried in Beaverton, Gratiot County, Michigan; and,
  • Robert was buried with 2nd wife in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois; and,
  • Grace and Ruth (and their spouses) buried in Hamilton, Wentworth County, Ontario

For the sake of privacy, I won’t be posting later generations.


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