#52Ancestors No.10, 13 and 14: OMG! (0.0) IT’S THEM!

Your Roots Are Showing Dearie!

While researching the 1921 Canadian Census (on Ancestry.com) to update information on a relative for my weekly post for 52Ancestors, I stumbled upon a transcription for a slightly familiar family.  I say, “slightly familiar” because the surname was all wrong.


The man of the house, was named David. He had the right heritage (Irish), age group (born 1860s), birthplace (Ireland) and marital status — he was a widower.

No, not a “widow;” that is a woman who has worn out her husband!  A widower is a man who has managed to outlive his wife. (Yes, it’s very rare indeed!).

Returning to this glimpse of the Census, David was raising his 15year-old son, St. Clair — this very unique name is what caught my eye and had me wondering …

David’s father was also living with them; his name was John James and he was 72years old.

But it…

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