Nostalgia wants to go to Texas! #FGS2014

Yes, she does! (I kid you not.).

So, I am sending out this notice with ample forewarning (to protect what few genea-friendships I have left): 

  • back up your genealogical data, if she finds your laptop, it’s a goner! (The laptop and the data)
  • hide your RUM; No! Hide ALL the RUM (You heard what happened at RootsTech, this year, right?) 

But, if you are attending the FGS2014 Conference, you should be safe.  Nostalgia seems interested in charity work rather than genealogy on this special trip.

She told MiLady and I that she wants to go to Texas “to save a horse!”

MiLady smiled and asked with a chuckle, “Could you save one for me too?”

The Old Banshee hugged her tight. “It’s the least I can do, Dearie!”

“Just don’t get arrested,” my wife replied. “Again.”

Then the Oblivious-Thorn-In-My-Side scrambled up the staircase saying something about finding her passport and her riding whip!

Yours truly, on the other hand, was very upset: I had no idea that those poor animals were in any trouble down there in The Lone Star State!

Is the animal protection society accepting any mail-in donations?



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