Summer Preparations

The sign that the indecisive lingerings of Winter are finally gone, and you can put away that ergonomic snow shovel for the last time.

Spring is present — albeit late, of course — north of the 49th Parallel, but it is this long awaited arrival of June that also signifies many changes in your family:
– graduations
– weddings
– anniversaries
– family reunions

and, my favourite, the family vacation, which is really a genealogical research road trip!

“It’s official,” MiLady announced one evening not too long ago. “We’re done!”

My curious look answered her, as she pointed to The Smiling Wall.

“Everyone’s graduated!” she beamed, as I slowly realized what she was talking about.

“What do we do now?” I asked her. She looked at me and beamed brighter with a wider smile.
[Aside: I still haven’t figured out what that means.].

In The Rabbit Household, changes this year are finalizing, winding down as it were, but picking up elsewhere:
— Chef, our youngest rabbit, graduates high school;
— Hyper, our oldest grand-rabbit starts Kindergarten; and
— then there is the anticipated arrival in late September-early October of two more grand-rabbits. Yes, twins, which should bring eye-opening excitement to the next generation of Rabbit parents.

Aside from the assortment of birthdays, there are not any weddings or family reunions this year, but MiLady and I will have a quiet celebration for our 11th wedding anniversary. (That’s if you call spending the day at the annual amusement park, a quiet celebration.).
We are still contemplating if we will take the day off or the week off for other activities.


FGS2014My deepest apologies, but I am so excited about August. The 2014 FGS Conference is in San Antonio, Texas, and I so wish that I was able to go, but Nostalgia has volunteered to go in my stead!

Now, I am not sure if this is a very good idea, but it does mean The Rabbit Household will be a Nostalgia-free zone for about a week!

To update “HER” Conference status, I braved the worst, last night, and started a conversation with the Old Banshee, as she laboured over her packing lists. Yes, “lists” plural.

“Have you figured out which conference speakers you will be imposing on, Gia?”

Without looking up, she answered smugly, “I figured that out long ago, Dearie.”

I waited for her to continue.


“Well?” I inquired further. “Who are you going to appoint to attend you?”

[No response.].

“Will you warn them in advance, again?” I teased, remembering her mistake last Halloween.

THAT got a reaction out of her! There was a loud SNAP, as her head jerked up and her eyes zeroed in on mine.

“You are a nasty-nasty man!” she spat. “And no, I shan’t be contacting them.”

TPQ“Do I need to sever any of my genealogical friendships in advance of your impending Texas invasion?”

Nostalgia looked over her eyeglass rims like Canada’s near-extinct research librarians.

“What are you babbling about, now?” she asked.

The Pirate Queen will be conducting another audience with Her Court,” I stated matter-of-factly.

She sat up straight.

“As well as, Sir Joshua (Taylor), Lady Amy (Johnson Crow) and …” I paused for effect. “Your Thomas (McEntee) will be there.”


Her tired eyes sparkled.

I smiled wide. I had her!

“Get out!” she ordered, pushing me through the doorway as her eyes scanned her open closet. “I have to pack!”

“But, you said you were done, Gia.” I smirked to myself.

“MiLADY!” she bellowed, “HELP ME!”

Instantaneously, my cell began vibrating.

Standing in the hallway, I pulled my phone from my pocket and smiled when I looked down at the screen.

It was the all-familiar smiling photo my beloved soul-mate, sending me yet another romantic — or just maybe, a rare and more suggestively adult — text.


Dang it.



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