Fashion Sense #FGS2014

How do I know the FGS Conference in San Antonio is getting closer?

Nostalgia is re-packing, again — for the third time!

  • Three carry-on bags — three — full of cosmetics. (There! I used the word.);
  • Five weekend bags stuffed with her new wardrobe that no one, other than MiLady, has seen; and,
  • Three large (empty) suitcases.

My mind reeled at the thought of what the airports will charge to transport it all to San Antonio.

“Is she seriously taking all that with her?” I asked referring to Gia’s purchases from earlier in the day, as MiLady and I shared a late night tipple, upon the stone patio overlooking our wee garden.

My girl nodded and took another sip of her first margarita, then smiled approvingly.

I shook my head in disbelief. “You’ve seen her new wardrobe, Dear’st. Need I be worried?”

MiLady took another sip before answering.

“No, MiLove,” she said softly as she patted then rested her free hand upon mine. “You have nothing to worry about …”

“Good!” I replied, downing whatever it was that I was drinking.

“Although, Thomas might,” she giggled, “the poor man!”

With eyes as wide as saucers, I looked at my girl. She knew that she had to explain without my having to ask.

“I’ll need another drink,” she began, lifting her empty glass.

I rapped the kitchen window and Captain came into view.

“Refills, Sir.”

The door opened and Chef appeared to take our empty glasses as Captain came out with our new ones.

When the door closed, MiLady began.

The sun was beginning to set and the temperature had dropped to a slight chill, when she had finished.

“Can we go in now?” she asked rubbing her bare arms to warm up. “It’s gotten too cold.”


“Dear’st? Are you okay?”

I nodded, as I stared at my untouched beverage. My mind deep in thought. My face whiter than milk.

MiLady got up from her chaise and stepped behind me, before kissing my head and running her hands up and down my arms.

“What are you thinking?” she asked softly as she hugged me, still trying to warm up.

“Poor Thomas!” I downed my drink. “I hope he survives it!”


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