Travelling Back in Time

Thirteen years ago, I “travelled back in time for a future” with MiLady. [Yes, I need to explain that.].

When my favourite girl and I got together, it was after six months of conversing over e-mails, and MSN.

We tried telephone calls but $500 bills (amassed after only two weeks) put the kabosh on that! She had also came out for a two week visit, as she had never seen Eastern Canada or the Fort Drum area of New York State.

Yes, she lived in Western Canada not far from the Rocky Mountains, while I was in the opposite direction near the Great Lakes.

As for my travelling back in time comment, that referred to the three time zones that kept hindering our opportunities to talk indepth. If it was noon in Alberta, it was already 2p.m. in Ontario!

But, playing on those words, I called her at work one summer afternoon.

“We are four weary (and very hungry!) men that have travelled back in time to make a future with you,” I had said when she picked up the phone.

And, here we are!

But now, I am wondering if History is destined to repeating itself.

Last night, Junior made a late night call. Late as in, MiLady had already gone to bed and I was in the process of shutting off the telly and lights before following after her. Add to it, Junior doesn’t call that late.

“Can I talk to Mum?” he asked. “I need to tell her something.”

“She went to bed,” I answered. “It is okay to tell me instead?”

“Hmmm,” he paused. “Yeah, okay.”

Junior then proceeded to tell me that MiLady and I would be able to meet his girlfriend next month. He had just purchased her flight ticket. She would arrive early Friday evening (around 5pm) from British Columbia, and would be staying until some-time-I-forgot on Sunday.

“Oh!” I said rather surprised. “That’s very nice.”

“What’s wrong, Dad?” Junior asked with concern.

“What’s her name?”

My son laughed after realizing that the last time he and I had a serious conversation was a few months ago. He then gave me the details of how they met back in high school, but her family moved to the west coast at the end of that school year. Then, they re-connected through Facebook.

“Remember taking me to the bus depot a few weeks ago?” he asked me.

“Yes,” I replied.

“It was her graduation that she invited me to.”

He then went into more details — this time, regarding his visit. He met her family and close friends, and everyone seemed very impressed with him.

“Of course, they would,” I commented proudly. “You were raised like an old-fashioned rabbit!”

Junior laughed again and continued.

“Dad, will you tell Mum to check her e-mail?”

“Okay, but why does she need to do that?”

“I sent her a copy of the flight intinerary.”

“Oh, that!” I realized, “Sure, I’ll tell her and we’ll take you to the aeroport to pick up your girl.”


“Did I say something wrong?” I asked, now pacing across the living room carpet like a sentry.

“She goes back home on Sunday,” Junior said.

“Yes, we can take you back to drop her off. No problem, Son.”

“Dad … I’m going back with her.”


“Dad?” my oldest said lingering on the word.

“Yes, Junior.”

“Are you okay?” [More lingering emphasis.].

“Yes, Junior.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m fine,” I answered slowly, “but you get to tell Mum that surprise.”

“She already knows,” came the shocker. “She just didn’t know when.”

We exchanged a few more questions and answers before hanging up.

I then went upstairs and told MiLady the conversation. She was not surprised, she did know most of it.

Returning downstairs, I sat in the dim lamp light of the living room and pondered.

Does History repeat itself?

  • Junior’s lady travels west to met his family. (MiLady did the same to meet mine.).
  • Junior travels back with her. (MiLady left alone, but I travelled back a few weeks later with three little men.).


It was three in the morning when I next looked at the clock!

Nostalgia was sitting beside me, reading.

“Oh, you are awake!” she chided.

“Not for long,” I glared at her.

“Something’s bothering you,” she commented, “you are not normally this way.”

“Junior’s moving.”

Nostalgia’s face lit up. “Oh, good, he found a place! Will he be moving into the city? How close will he be?”

“Yes, he did. And yes, he will. And just under 14-hours of driving … He’s moving to B.C. On the island.”

Gia’s face froze for 13.18 seconds.

It was so serene, I loved it!


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