If You’re a HOLCOMB, We Are Related, Dearie!

I’ve been blogging genealogy and gravestones for so long, I was beginning to wonder if I was the only nut researching my family tree.

Last Saturday, you can imagine my surprise after finding a blog post about a Phineas HOLCOMB from Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut.

“Lots of HOLCOMBs are from there, Rabbit” Nostalgia hissed. “What are the odds, now, really?

Undaunted, I went digging through my research notes anyway, after work Saturday …

And well into my Day-Off Sunday (today 18JAN2015) …




Jacky’s related! (Well, to my eldest son Junior that is!)



Ensign Joshua HOLCOMB II is Jacky’s 7th great grandfather, while he is Junior’s 9th great grandfather.

“This would make Jacky and Junior 8th cousins two times removed,” Nostalgia announced while tapping away on a calculator.

“Gia,” I asked very confused, my head still spinning. “How? They only share one great grandparent, and that’s Joshua II.”

Nostalgia stared me down over her glass rims before resuming her tapping. “I’m not done yet!”

“Wouldn’t that make them half cousins?” I asked innocently. “So, half of eight is four …”

I smiled wickedly knowing The Old Banshee’s weakness to too many numbers being thrown at her.

“And half of two is one,” I continued foolishly. “So they would be fourth cousins once removed!”

The Old Banshee grumbled and tapped the calculator harder.

“Or, they could be cousins half removed!” I proudly announced as I grabbed Nostalgia by the shoulders, shaking her before kissing her. “That’s it! They’re half removed!”

Then I realized what happened and rushed to the bathroom!


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  1. Your post name of Holcomb caught my eye. No I’m not one, but there are many in my hometown of Greensboro, GA. I don’t know where you are from, I live in Ct. There is a Holcomb St. in West Haven, Ct., it makes me think of Holcomb’s BBQ, which is very popular in Greensboro. Do you happen to connect to Ga.

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    • The HOLCOMBE line is a bit of a ways back in my late wife’s (1st) maternal line. They multiplied like rabbits (Dare I say!) and are just about everywhere! The Holcombe Genealogy site
      has an extensive listing. If we connect in Georgia, I believe the website would have all the details of that 🙂
      I found connections for 4 gen in the Granby, Simsbury and Windsor areas of Hartford County, CT.
      My little rabbits and I live in Alberta, Canada. It would be fun if there is a connection, you’d be living deep in Rabbit Country!

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