Benedict Arnold: Black Sheep -= or =- Loyalist?

#Benedict Arnold is a #Loyalist? o.0? Are you sure?

Your Roots Are Showing Dearie!

Long time followers remember when I first wrote about General Benedict ARNOLD.  I described him as my Black Sheep ancestor and mentioned the re-location of his family to New Brunswick, after his disserting the American Continental Army (under command of General George Washington) to side with the Royal Army belonging to King George III.

Arnold’s military career and actions during the American Revolution are documented, misquoted, and in some cases questionable on both sides of the 49th Parallel – but as to what actions are questionable depends upon which side of the border you reside.

Let’s consider three things:

[1] Is he a traitor?

[2] Is he a “black sheep”?

[3] Is he a Loyalist?

This first question can be answered with reasoning that can be applied for a liberated answer that my Americans friends and fellow Canadians cannot dispute.

General Arnold was a member of the Continental Army…

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