Fearless Females (Day 27): Her Greatest Pride and Darkest Fears

This is the family I was talking about during #AncestryHour

Your Roots Are Showing Dearie!

[PLEASE NOTE: There are no posts for Fearless Females (Day 25) SUBJ – Motherly Instincts or (Day 26) SUBJ – Education.].

I do not possess any documentation of their journey, nor proof of their lands and losses, but stories exist of a letter in the Upper Canada Sundries — a microfilm collection of documents written by British Counsel, James Buchanan, Esquire from New York City.
[These sundries are located in the National Archives of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario, and a second set of can also be viewed (by appointment) in the Kathleen Mills Memorial Library of Queens University in Kingston, Ontario.].

I have not been able to arrange to view it, but one such letter written by His Excellency excused my earliest ancestors from the Customs House, expediting their journey to York, Upper Canada — more commonly known now as Toronto, Ontario.

They had started off in February 1833 from…

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