The Response (to War)

“The Response” was the title given to the entry submitted for consideration to be Canada’s National War Memorial (Ottawa, Ontario.).  The British sculptor, Vernon March was chosen from 7 finalists in 1926, from 127 entries received the year before!

But by 1930, March died from pneumonia, so his six siblings completed the castings in 1932, but the castings were not shipped to Canada until 1937 (because the monument location was not ready!).

Originally built to the memory of the losses in The Great War (WWI), it was not unveiled until 1939 by King George VI (Queen Elizabeth’s father.).

 “1939-1945” (WWII) and “1950-1953” (Korea) were added in 1982. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was placed in front in 2000. “1899-1902” (2nd Boer War) and “2001-2014” (Afghanistan) were added in 2014.    

Watching over them, Liberty holds a torch and winged Victory, a laurel wreath. These names were given by March, although more recently the figures are called Freedom and Peace, respectively.


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