What Did You Miss Friday Night?

Genchat, unfortunately. 

The first #genchat gathering (Fri JA10 9pm Central) of 2014 was surprisingly attended by more first-timers than regulars!  

Treeverne Upon the Gene (our virtual meeting place) was open thirty minutes before the event began.  Some die-hard patrons gathered prior to chat it up amongst each other!

The proprietor / barkeeper (yours truly) chose a theme to brighten up the place for our first gathering.

“The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” seemed a suitable choice. [It was later discovered that Mr. Lewis Carroll’s birthday was in January, which made things all the more appropriate.].

Ground rules and warnings were laid out quickly without fuss. And then it started: the first question was asked.

It was a frantic battle-zone!

Answers flew in every direction like a blind man’s archery competition! (Not the welcoming arrangement to sneak a newbie in through the back delivery door, as poor @Knitgenie and @Confusethedead soon discovered!).

No one escaped unscathed; for none were prepared for the mad-cap scrolling involved to read all the posts!

Even our chartered patrons (here since Day One) experienced difficulties keeping up to speed.  “President Matthew” (AKA @Genealogics) recalled that the very first #genchat (last year) did not involve any scrolling!

And, the only complaints registered were about missed questions. Question #5 seemed to avoid detection for quite a few attendees; as the texting exuberance of the newcomers was so easily evident.

They came looking for answers and found: networking ideas, some undiscovered resources and an abundance of welcoming (new) friends. 

Many later confided to me that they will be returning.

“When you do,” I asked, “Please bring a friend, okay?”



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