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2015-06-01 07.20.56Not too long ago, Wendy commented about my #52Ancestors posting from Week 11 (16MAR2014) regarding my 2x Great Grandparents from my father’s maternal side.

No, the information is not new, but the contact from Wendy is.

In the “quickchart” below, the circled numbers refer to the identity markers given to individuals from the now, non-existent, website that housed the well-detailed document that my quickchart is based on. (And yes, I have a hard copy of the document; it is 43 pages long, contains 193 persons and lists references to baptisms from St. Anne’s 1835-1910.).

If you start at the bottom, my “Gramma Rabbit” has a red circle without a number in it.

In the online document, no other information was listed because nothing else was known at the time of uploading it. Other than she was a child of Conston MOREAU and Marie “Delima” DESOLLIER(S) and married to John HALLIWELL, thus no number was given.


The back arrows that point right (or left) signify other quickcharts pertaining to those respective surnames.

To give everyone a sense of the time frames, I share the following:

(1) Pierre Laporte MOREAU was born 1616 in Cognac, Saintonge, France and died there some time before 1667.

Pierre’s son, Jean (2) was born circa 1640. Some time before 1667, Jean sailed to Quebec — which was still called Lower Canada. He married in 1667 and died 1710-11

The family didn’t appear in Ontario until 1838. William (53) who was my Gramma Rabbit’s grandfather, was born in 1838 as mentioned before in the #52Ancestors post from 2014.

So, tell me, Dearie (Wendy), where do you fit in?

Have You Met Mary Ann? #12FamilyFinds

My memory is failing, have I introduced you to Mary Ann KELLAM?


We met in Barrie, Ontario at The ATKINSON Family Reunion in 1982. (Sort of.).

It was at that reunion I was given a TAG Book. “The Atkinson Genealogy” Book; and although I have always thought it was published, it has not been.  

The TAG Book was created in 1927 and privately mass produced since 1966.  It is given to any interested relatives who attend the (annual — are they still annual?) family reunions in Barrie, Ontario for the cost of $20 dollars (CAD). This money aids in the production of more books for the next reunion.

Mary Ann was married to John ATKINSON, a younger brother of my 2x GGF, Thomas II (or Thomas Junior).  Mary Ann and John had one child.

Mary Ann KELLAM2

What little information you see above is a picture-graphic representation of what was compiled in my TAG Book about Mary Ann KELLAM and John ATKINSON.  (John later re-married, so I took that as Mary Ann passed away some time after the baby’s delivery.).

It was a big mystery, but that would slowly change:

October 1997: Looking over microfiche — yes, not microfilm — at the LDS Family History Centre in Kingston, Ontario, I found him!

Mary Ann and John had a son!

August 2007: Another cousin, Sheri MARTIN [from Family Group D14 Rachel (ATKINSON) SHARP], found and shared documentation from Ontario registrations — Mary Ann & John’s marriage, their son’s birth and Mary Ann’s death (only five days later.).

Mary Ann KELLAM3

May 2015: It would not be until just last week, while visiting Cousin Linda MILLER that more missing pieces would fall into place.

Linda had copies of the cemetery transcriptions of the Hilltop Gore Cemetery, located on Concession 9, Lots 3 and 4 in Peel County, Ontario.  The transcripts were compiled by the Halton-Peel Branch, OGS (1998) — shown in gold

Mary Ann KELLAM4

She also had this picture from the cemetery:


And, so, I now try to locate something more …




[1] The Atkinson Genealogy. (1927). comp. Allan L. Smith.  Schomberg (ON): unpublished.  83 p.  Mass produced (1966); purchased (1982) from Mildred Reid-Atkinson.  Sources and revisions were not cited in the original or the re-printed editions.  A PDF copy (2004), was supplied by the Reverend Wayne Atkinson via e-mail, 2009FB08.

[2] John ATKINSON & Mary Ann KELLAM family group sheet (1997) comp. Kale Hobbes from data contained in Vital Statistics Index (VSI): Ontario Births, record 14, line 3; microfiche (researched 1997OC22: Kingston, Ontario).

[3] Cheryl Martin (e-mail), “John Atkinson marriage,” (2007) including [3 digital images]
(3a) Atkinson-Kellam. Ontario marriage registration (1872) page 256; Archives of Ontario microfilm 
(3b) ibid., “William John Atkinson birth,” (2007) Atkinson. Ontario birth registration 026736 (1873); Archives of Ontario microfilm MS929 reel#12. William John Atkinson, son of John Atkinson and Mary Kellam
(3c) ibid., “Mary (Kellam) Atkinson death,” (2007) Atkinson. Ontario death registration 011958 (1873); Archives of Ontario microfilm

[4] Hilltop Gore Cemetery, Toronto Gore Township, Cemetery No. 6. Halton-Peel Branch (Ontario Genealogical Society, 1998) Concession 9, Lots 3 & 4, Peel County, Ontario. ISBN 0-7779-0997-9 Obtained copy from Linda Miller (Calgary, AB) Accessed 2015MY26 

How I Am Related to: Linda Miller! (3C1R)

I think I started something … maybe

Yesterday, I supplied a chart of my connection to Floyd Reginald ROSS (2C2R), in response to a comment last month from NAME.

Linda and I have been researching ATKINSONs, JOHNSTONs, and many others that came from the lineage of Thomas ATKINSON (Senior) and Bethia KIDD from York, Upper Canada.

[Which reminds me: I need to submit my paperwork for the Upper Canada certificate issued from the OGS – Ontario Genealogical Society].


How Am I Related to: Floyd Reginald ROSS? (2C2R)

Last month, I got a comment from a distant cousin asking how I connect, so I tried the AJJacobs approach first:

Floyd Reginald ROSS > his mother, Ida Maud (MAW) ROSS > her mother, Alice (ATKINSON) MAW > her brother, Thomas ATKINSON II > his son, James Walker ATKINSON > his son, James Henry ATKINSON > his daughter, MY MUM! > then of course, me!

Then I looked at it; then I looked at it some more and decided:

I need a graphic!


Much better, don’t you agree?

The Next Generation of The Family (Part One)

These charts are listed in birth order.

These charts are the families of the Children of Thomas ATKINSON and Bethia (KIDD), my third Great Grandparents

Eldest son, Robert (2x Great Grand Uncle)


Next son, William (2x Great Grand Uncle) <= Darcy Kuebler’s ancestors!


Next son, Thomas II (My 2x Great Grandfather) 


Next son, John (2x Great Grand Uncle)


These are highlights; my research are far more detailed.

I do not have very many photographs though.

3X GTGRD AUNT – Daughter of John ATKINSON & Elizabeth HODGSON


3x Great Grand Parents: (KIDD) ATKINSON


I am descended from (3) Thomas II

I have information on most of the family’s history — land records, WWI/ CEF records, obituaries and photos of gravestones.

They Were Left Behind


They left in 1833 from England to New York City enroute to York, Upper Canada (now Toronto, Ontario), with two bachelor sons and a pregnant daughter, her husband and six children.

I have documented the tearful voyage a few times, providing links for those that might need a refresher or any late arrivals tagging along, but this is the first time I am addressing who they left behind.
To date, the ship’s name eludes me; and it does not help me that their journey was made so simple by a letter from the British Consul, James Buchanan, excusing them from the Customs House, because it expedited their journey and has made it a massive pain (for me for over 30 years) to re-trace their journey back to the Old Country
Looking at the family list above, Ann, Alice and Elizabeth did not travel overseas with their parents and siblings.
When the family left in 1833, Ann would have been 29, Alice 28, and Elizabeth 26-years-old, respectively — further providing if of them lived that long.
There is the slight probability that the girls were married with families and that their husbands were well established in the community — but if this were so, why can’t I locate them?

Fearless Females (Day 27): Her Greatest Pride and Darkest Fears


This is the family I was talking about during #AncestryHour

Originally posted on Your Roots Are Showing!:

[PLEASE NOTE: There are no posts for Fearless Females (Day 25) SUBJ – Motherly Instincts or (Day 26) SUBJ – Education.].

I do not possess any documentation of their journey, nor proof of their lands and losses, but stories exist of a letter in the Upper Canada Sundries — a microfilm collection of documents written by British Counsel, James Buchanan, Esquire from New York City.
[These sundries are located in the National Archives of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario, and a second set of can also be viewed (by appointment) in the Kathleen Mills Memorial Library of Queens University in Kingston, Ontario.].

I have not been able to arrange to view it, but one such letter written by His Excellency excused my earliest ancestors from the Customs House, expediting their journey to York, Upper Canada — more commonly known now as Toronto, Ontario.

They had started off in February 1833 from…

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Epidemics and Pandemics Chart

P15 EPIDEMICS chart 1999JN19

If this document proves useful, please share

— L. Rabbit

Are You Ready?

#genchat 05JUN -- Global Family Reunion (AfterParty)


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