Nostalgia says “Do Over!” (I ask “Why?”)

If you plan to stop by for a visit you’re gonna need a helmet — unless you’re the GeneaBloggers Guru, Thomas MacEntee 🙂

Yes, there’s a war going on Down the Rabbit Hole. (Again).

For those of you long familiar with my genealogy ramblings, you have probably come to expect this, when I tell you just one ill-fated word:


For any newcomers, and there are quite a few of you actually, I apologize as I unfortunately drop you into the thick of it, to fend yourselves as best that you can. (To make it up to you, I will make a list of her misdemeanors at the end of this post.).

Nostalgia has been interested in genealogy for a few years now; and it is shy of a couple of miracles that any of my research notes and references have survived.

Last night was Attempt #3.

MiLady and I were enjoying a quiet evening reading, when the Olde Banshee floated into the room and occupied the seat at my computer desk.

“Have you started your do over yet, Rabbit?” she inquired.

“What?” asked my darling as she turned to look at me and take in my surprised expression.

Not this, again,” I facepalmmed. “No, Gia, I –“

“Not to worry, I’ll help you. Thomas writes that it’s very easy, you know.”

“Gia!” I scolded. “Those are MY notes!  I have over 40 years of personal research tied up in that!”

“I know,” came the beginning of her sing-songy lie. “I’ll just save everything in an folder marked OLD, and then –“

“And then,” I continued, “You’ll delete everything like you did the last time!”

“THAT was an accident,” she confessed, “It’s not MY fault that you insist on using XP. Vista is better!”

“Vista,” MiLady interjected with a wee smile, “has also been replaced, Nostalgia. You’re just a little outdated.”

Gia shot a backwards glance at my soul-mate to give her a curious look, before resuming her terrorist attack on my research!

I, in the mean time, darted from my comfortable seat to launch a rescue salvo in my defense.

“I need my notes, Nostalgia!”

“You can do better,” she chimed, “Just imagine how improved your citations will be with all the knowledge you have amassed to this point.”

“How can I participate in 52Ancestors, this year?” I inquired.

“52 what?”

“52Ancestors in 52Weeks,” I added. “It is back this year with all new themes.  I told ‘Lady Bird’ that I would try to participate a little better than I did last year.  My posts were hit and miss.”

“How many was that?” she asked.

“Six, maybe seven.”

“Out of 52?!?” Nostalgia screeched. “And Lady Bird has forgiven you?”

“I think so,” I said quietly.

“Well, that will not do,” she scolded. “You WILL do better, this year, Rabbit. You have enough material here …”

“Yes, Gia,” I winced having bit my tongue. “Thank you.”

“… And what is this mess?” she exclaimed after opening the wrong folder.

“Those are my genchat notes.”

“And you can read this chicken scratch?” she leered.


After rolling her eyes, Nostalgia pushed away from the computer desk. She glanced quickly at her phone and typed a couple of keystrokes.

Her eyes then went wide with discovery as she got to her feet.

“It might be advantageous, this year, if you do not participate in the Do Over, Rabbit,” she announced.

“And why is that, Gia?” I inquired, mostly out of courtesy.

“You would have no information to use or verify when you go to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City!”

“Gia!” I feigned surprise, “You are amazing! I never would have thought of that!”

“I know, Dearie, that’s why you need me,” Nostalgia beamed as she then took her leave and ascended upstairs.  “I have to go, My Thomas needs me!”

When the Old Banshee was gone, MiLady looked at me with a devilish smirk.

“You are a terrible liar,” she said looking over her eyeglass rims. “You should tell her that you’re not going this year.”

“Shhh,” I hushed her as I pointed up the upstairs, “She doesn’t need to know… Yet.”

Past Experiences with Nostalgia


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